AMIA Glass Studios 2021 - We Carry Every AMIA Painted Stained Glass

The New 2021 AMIA Glass Studios Suncatchers Panels and Many Retired are Ready to Order.

ALL AMIA items - except Immediate Delivery are Special Order - Please Allow + - 3 Weeks

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Amia 42789 Pretty in Pink Beveled Medium Octagon Panel
Amia 5234 Hummingbird Garden N Bloom Beveled Medium Octagon Panel
Amia 5795 Beary Christmas Petite Votive Holder
Amia 42133 Birds and Blossoms Large Oval Suncatcher
Amia 9561 For the Birds Votive Candleholder
Amia 41060 Rail Birds Acrylic Business Card Holder
Amia 42411 Crimson Christmas Beveled Medium Octagon Panel
Amia 42594 Neighborhood Block Party Small Oval Suncatcher
Amia 9601 Eagle Dreamcatcher
Amia 42440 Flamingo Lagoon Square Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42656 Country Charm Large Oval Suncatcher
Amia 41742 Morning Has Broken Beveled Large Oval Suncatcher
Amia 42652 Friendship Large Oval Suncatcher
Amia 5509 Hummingbird and Cherry Blossm Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 42828 Ruby Throated Hummingbird Magnet
Amia 42319 Blue Morpho Water Cut Night Light Nightlight
Amia 42544 Butterfly Garden in Bloom Small Circle Suncatcher
Amia 5656 Indian Summer Business Card Holder
Amia 42033 Papillons 'A Ailes Petite Votive Holder
Amia 42654 Wishes Have Wings Large Oval Suncatcher
Amia 6540 Cat With Butterflies Small Oval Suncatcher
Amia 42292 Garden Secret Cat Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42256 Soft Purr Small Oval Suncatcher
Amia 42369 Emerald Isle Rectangular Vase Votive Holder
Amia 42148 I Heard The Glittering Bells Beveled Welcome Panel
Amia 42157 Oh Holy Night Beveled Medium Octagon Panel
Amia 5446 Yes Virginia Santa Small Jewelry Box
Amia 42102 Gold Labrador Retriever Doghouse Suncatcher
Amia 42826 Blue Dragonfly Magnet
Amia 7742 Tropical Fish Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 9281 Fleur De Lis Cross
Amia 6889 Florida Glass Panel
Amia 5329 Never Quit Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42640 The Dream Creates Journey Dreamcatcher
Amia 5264 Ladies In Red Beveled Small Circle Suncatcher
Amia 6681 Ladybugs and Flowers Small Oval Suncatcher
Amia 7798 Cape Hatteras At Night Small Oval Suncatcher
Amia 8505 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Night Light Nightlight
Amia 7432 Alaska Moose and Stream Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 6208 Moose Welcome Panel
Amia 41566 Parade of Poppies Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42444 Seahorses Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 7346 Air Force Small Circle Suncatcher
Amia 9354 Army Beveled Glass Welcome Panel
Amia 41085 Great Vintages Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 41089 Great Vintages Petite Votive Holder
Amia 7455 Alaska Fishing Bear Small Oval Suncatcher
Amia 7163 Bear Family Large Circle Suncatcher
Amia 6490 Bear Family Octagon Panel
Amia 5993 Bear Small Arrowhead Suncatcher
Amia 6210 Bear Welcome Panel
Amia 41364 Black Bear Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 7399 Black Bear Small Circle Suncatcher
Amia 6035 Black Bear Square Dreamcatcher
Amia 42890 Follow the Path of the Bear Large Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42649 Journey To Dreamtime Large Oval Suncatcher
Amia 42907 We're Alrght Small Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42700 You Lift Me Up Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42553 Noah's Ark Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 7581 Alaska Bear Cub Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 7422 Alaska Grizzly Bear Ulu Shaped Suncatcher
Amia 7573 Alaska Grizzly Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42639 Bear Clan Dreamcatcher
Amia 41352 Bear Silhouette Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 41840 Bears Beveled Medium Octagon Panel
Amia 42952 Bears Square Suncatcher
Amia 7406 Grizzly Bears Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 7397 Grizzly Small Circle Suncatcher
Amia 7456 Alaska Polar Bear Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 7580 Alaska Polar Bear Small Circle Suncatcher
Amia 7434 Alaska Polar Bear Ulu Shaped Suncatcher
Amia 7415 Polar Bear Northern Lights Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 7404 Polar Bears Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 5795 Beary Christmas Petite Votive Holder
Amia 40035 Birdsong Bluebird Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 40044 Birdsong Bluebird Small Oval Suncatcher
Amia 7571 Blackberry Chicks Medium Oval Suncatcher
Amia 42299 Blossoms and Bluebirds Small Circle Suncatcher
Amia 42704 Blue Bird Medium Circle Suncatcher
Amia 5422 Blue Skies Bluebird Medium Oval Suncatcher
AMIA Glass Studios Collection We carry Every Amia item currently available - Hand Painted Stained Glass
The New 2021 Amia Glass Studios items and Many Retired are Ready to Order. We Carry Every Amia Made Glass Panels Suncatchers. Retired items are selling out quickly. We urge you to order soon

ALL AMIA items are SPECIAL ORDER items. Please allow Approx 3 weeks for delivery. Many times it is much faster. AMIA Glass items are SPECIAL ORDER items and may not be returned. Free USA Shipping $150+ Must Enter Promo Code FREESHIP150 at checkout.

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