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We are here to help, if you have any questions at all please ask!!


Q: I haven't received an order I placed?

A: First and foremost, please check:

1) that you ordered an item that is in stock and doesn't say "Backorder" or "Pre-Order" or "Special Order". We cannot ship Backorder or Pre-Order items until the manufacturer gets these items to us. We do not charge for Backorder or Pre-Order items until they are in and ready to ship. You must check out with a valid payment method or we will be unable to Pre-Order items for you. Please check our site that your item isn't a backorder item. These items are clearly notated with dates - these dates are approximate and are subject to change if the manufacturer experiences delays. If you Pre-Order items on our site and do not pay for your order when they come in, we will be unable to accept Pre-Orders from you in the future.
Special Order items - Precious Moments, AMIA, Ne'Qwa etc - the only items available immediately are the items notated in our immediate delivery section. Otherwise these are Special Order but come in fairly quickly. We are HAPPY to place your Special Orders and actually prefer doing so - that way you get the exact item you would like. We receive orders weekly from these manuafacturers.

2) that you DO have a charge on your credit card from us. If you do not have a credit card charge from The Collector's Addition (and your item is not "Special Order" or "Backorder"/"PreOrder") your order did not come through. ALL orders *must* be placed on our website. Orders are sold first paid, first shipped out. We are not accepting any phone or email orders this year due to COVID-19 and the demand. If you have an order confirmation but no charge on your card, please see 1) above. If your item is not on backorder, please re-place your order. It could be that your credit card was invalid at the time of your order, or your bank timed out during processing. You will *not* be double charged nor will you have a duplicate order. We review ALL orders manually and all duplicate orders are canceled out of our system.

Q: I haven't received an Order Confirmation for an order I placed?

A: Please check your Spam Folder:
We send order confirmations for *every* order automatically through our system. If you have a free email account (Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, GMAIL, etc), it is important that you add our email addresses to your address book as we stressed at the time of your order. If you use Outlook with Gmail or any other ISP, there is a Junk Mail Folder in Outlook in addition to the S P A M folder with your email provider. ISPs can also just outright block emails if they choose.

Q: COVID-19 restrictions - are you still shipping?

A: YES! We are Shipping Worldwide daily!

Please place your order on our site and we will ship right away: We have been in business 23 years and have over 180,000+ customers worldwide. We are shipping daily, but our hands are tied by USPS, UPS, Fedex, manuafacturers and time. This year is unprecedented due to COVID-19. You must have patience and understand we are in the midst of a Global Pandemic. Be THANKFUL you are alive and HEALTHY. We have lost Over 900,000+ people in our country and over 5.8 Million+ worldwide to something that didn't even exist this time 26 months ago.
If you have a pre-order pending - the delay is on the manufacturer side - not us - we ship IMMEDIATELY once orders arrive. If the shipment comes in by 12:00pm - orders ship out the same day. After 12:00pm, they ship out the next day.

We are happy (and grateful) to report *none of us* have contracted COVID-19. We have been EXTREMELY careful. We are working as normal, in shifts, to keep our families safe. Due to how bad COVID-19 is in our area, we are not open for walk-in retail to the public for the first year in 23 years in order to keep everyone safe from COVID-19. We have had loved ones in other parts of the country pass away from COVID-19 - we aren't taking *any* chances. This means all of our walk-in customers are ordering online with us as well. (THANK YOU for understanding.) Christmas 2022 will be amazing!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay safe. We care about all of you. Remember to sign up on our Sales & Specials. In late April we will be having a HUGE Spring Sale since we never had time to run an After Christmas sale. If you are on our list, you know we only email a couple of times a year. So our April Sale will be a BIG one!

Thank you!

from Everyone at The Collector's Addition


Please do not place duplicate orders.


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PLEASE NOTE! The retail store that is open to the public in Urbandale, Iowa is separate from our Internet Order processing is in Buford, GA. These are two SEPARATE locations. Our retail gift shop is not where internet orders are processed.