Birdwoods 2024 We Carry Every Birdwoods Item Currently Made.

The New 2024 Birdwoods pieces are Ready to Order. Handmade in Zimbabwe Africa.

Birdwoods Hand Crafted in South Africa by Local Artisans from 40 Gallon Oil Drums.

We Ship Worldwide Daily.

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Birdwoods BWD149C Baby Chick Figurine
Birdwoods BWD202 Pheasant Hen
Birdwoods BWD02 Crowned Crane
Birdwoods BWD20 Standing Crane
Birdwoods BWD21 Walking Crane
Birdwoods BWD103 Cattle Egret
Birdwoods BWD104 Cattle Egret
Birdwoods BWD103C Cattle Egret
Birdwoods BWD188 Goliath Heron
Birdwoods BWD12 Heron Walking
  • Birdwoods BWD12 Heron Walking
  • Bird - Great Blue Heron
  • No Free Ship
  • 39 x 26 x 4
  • Birdwoods BWD12 Heron Walking
  • Special Order 8 Week
  • Price $150.99
Birdwoods BWD101C Heron Preening
Birdwoods BWD32 Ibis
  • Birdwoods BWD32 Ibis
  • Bird - Ibis
  • No Free Ship
  • 24 x 18 x 6
  • Birdwoods BWD32 Ibis
  • Special Order 8 Week
  • Price $120.99
Birdwoods BWD193 Peahen
Birdwoods BWD201 Pheasant Cock
Birdwoods BWD199 Seagull Standing
Birdwoods BWD99 Painted Elephant
Birdwoods BWD64 Beetle Large
Birdwoods BWD138 Tortoise - Turtle
Birdwoods Collection We carry Every Birdwoods item currently available
The New 2024 Birdwoods items and Many Retired are Ready to Order. We Carry Every Birdwoods piece.

Birdwoods Metal Sculpture was established in Zimbabwe Southern Africa by Louise Stobart in 1991 using recycled 40 gallon oil drums to make each of the sculptures.

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