Jacaranda Collection 2024 We Carry Every Jacaranda Item Currently Made.

The New 2024 Jacaranda are being added this week. We have many retired pieces ready to order. Pieces are selling quickly.

Hand Made from a single piece of Jacaranda Wood. Made in Zimbabwe Africa.

We Ship Worldwide Daily.

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Jacaranda JPSSBGUI Guinea Fowl Monochromatic Salad Servers
Jacaranda WGF6 Guinea Fowl Statue
Jacaranda WGF7 Guinea Fowl Statue
Jacaranda WGF8 Guinea Fowl Statue
Jacaranda WGF9 Guinea Fowl Statue
Jacaranda WGF10 Guinea Fowl Statue - NoFreeShip
Jacaranda WGF12 Guinea Fowl Statue - NoFreeShip
Jacaranda JDB-L Large Decoy Bird Statue
Jacaranda JDB-S Small Decoy Bird Statue
Jacaranda JSCH20 Cheetah Statue
Jacaranda JSCH24 Cheetah Statue
Jacaranda JPSSBE Elephant Monochromatic Salad Servers
Jacaranda JPSSCE Elephant Painted Salad Servers
Jacaranda PWE11 Painted Elephant Statue
Jacaranda PWE8 Painted Elephant Statue
Jacaranda JPSSBG Giraffe Monochromatic Salad Servers
Jacaranda GO36 Giraffe Olivewood Statue - NoFreeShip
Jacaranda GO48 Giraffe Olivewood Statue - NoFreeShip
Jacaranda GO60 Giraffe Olivewood Statue - NoFreeShip
Jacaranda JPSSCG Giraffe Painted Salad Servers
Jacaranda JGP12 Giraffe Statue
Jacaranda GO30 Giraffe Statue - NoFreeShip
Jacaranda GO16 Giraffe Statue - Olivewood
Jacaranda GO24 Giraffe Statue - Olivewood
Jacaranda PWG24BK Giraffe Statue Black
Jacaranda PWG24L Giraffe Statue Lime
Jacaranda PWG24OL Giraffe Statue Olive Green
Jacaranda PWG24PK Giraffe Statue Pink
Jacaranda PWG24PU Giraffe Statue Purple
Jacaranda PWG24TE Giraffe Statue Teal
Jacaranda PWG24WT Giraffe Statue White
Jacaranda JPWOH11 Hippo Statue
Jacaranda JPWOH8 Hippo Statue
Jacaranda LEO12 Prowling Leopard Statue
Jacaranda LEO22 Prowling Leopard Statue
Jacaranda LEO30 Prowling Leopard Statue - NoFreeShip
Jacaranda JMKP Meerkat Lovers
Jacaranda JMK12 Meerkat Standing
Jacaranda JMK16 Meerkat Standing
Jacaranda JMK20 Meerkat Standing
Jacaranda OMKL Meerkat Standing - Olivewood
Jacaranda JPiG-11 Large Pig Statue
Jacaranda JPiG-6 Small Pig Statue
Jacaranda JSHEEP-M Medium Sheep Statue
Jacaranda JTOR12 Large Tortoise Statue
Jacaranda MWZ16 Zebra Statue
Jacaranda MWZ24 Large Zebra Statue
Jacaranda MWZ20 Medium Zebra Statue
Jacaranda JZ12 Polished Zebra Statue
Jacaranda MWZ30 Zebra
Jacaranda ZEB12 Zebra Statue
Jacaranda ZEB14 Zebra Statue
Jacaranda ZEB16 Zebra Statue
Jacaranda Collection We carry Every Jacaranda item currently available
The New 2024 Jacaranda items and Many Retired are Ready to Order. We Carry Every Jacaranda piece.

Designed by Artist Phathisa Weza. Pieces are individually made by Artists scattered throughout Zimbabwe - mainly in remote rural areas - to create these Jacaranda wood sculptures. Carved from a single piece of wood these animals are beautifully polished and carefully crafted.

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We Ship Worldwide Daily - If you live outside of the United States, please email us a list of the items you are interested in. We will be happy to give you a quote for shipping. USPS calculates shipping charges based on the weight of the parcel.

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