Makoulpa Collection 2023 We Carry Every Makoulpa Item Currently Made.

The New 2023 Makoulpa and Many Retired are Ready to Order. Pieces are selling quickly.

ANY Makoulpa item can be Special Ordered from Africa Email for details

Pewter and Glass Animal Pieces from Zimbabwe. We Ship Worldwide Daily.

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Makoulpa SERV0031 Bear Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0040 Bear Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa BGL002 Buffalo Brandy Glass
Makoulpa SERV0005 Buffalo Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0021 Buffalo Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0035 Cheetah Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERV0020 Cheetah Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0041 Dog Bulldog Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0017 Elephant Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa BRM0001 Elephant Beer Mug
Makoulpa BGL001 Elephant Brandy Glass
Makoulpa SERV0001 Elephant Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0025 Elk Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERV0033 Elk Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0019 Giraffe Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa BGL003 Giraffe Brandy Glass
Makoulpa SERV0003 Giraffe Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0022 Hippo Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERV0006 Hippo Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERV0017 Kudu Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0033 Kudu Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0024 Leopard Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa BRM0010 Leopard Beer Mug
Makoulpa BRM0006 Leopard Beer Mug
Makoulpa BGL005 Leopard Brandy Glass
Makoulpa PWG005 Leopard Glass Paperweight
Makoulpa SERV0008 Leopard Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa NLG003 Leopard Wine Glass
Makoulpa SERW0018 Lion Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa BRM0014 Lion Beer Mug
Makoulpa BRM0008 Lion Beer Mug
Makoulpa BGL004 Lion Brandy Glass
Makoulpa SERV0002 Lion Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa MAR0001 Lion Martini Glass
Makoulpa BRM0009 Monkey Beer Mug
Makoulpa MAR011 Monkey Martini Glass
Makoulpa RWG004 Octopus Wine Glass
Makoulpa RWG029 Crocodile Wine Glass
Makoulpa SERW0020 Rhino Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa BRM0025 Rhino Beer Mug
Makoulpa BRM0024 Rhino Beer Mug
Makoulpa BGL006 Rhino Brandy Glass
Makoulpa SERV0004 Rhino Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0034 Sable Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERV0018 Sable Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0023 Warthog Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERV0007 Warthog Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERW0036 Zebra Wooden Napkin Ring
Makoulpa SERV0019 Zebra Glass Napkin Ring
Makoulpa Collection We carry Every Makoulpa item currently available
The New 2023 Makoulpa items and Many Retired are Ready to Order. We Carry Every Makoulpa piece. Retired items are selling out quickly. We urge you to order soon

Makoulpa pieces were each designed by Paul Gibbs and Tony Prischl. Handmade from Pewter Wood and Glass by Makoulpa in South Africa. Quality Craftsmanship. Makoulpa meaning tortoise in Creole is a perfect avenue for the artists to communicate their love of Africa and its wildlife through the production of a pewter range of animal accented products.

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