D'Argenta Collection We carry Every D'Argenta item currently available Dargenta D Argenta You can Special Order ANY piece with a 24K GOLD finish or Copper Finish. The pieces on our site are for the Traditional Silver Finish. If you would like to order your item in a GOLD or Copper finish please email us for details. Be sure to let us know the item # you are interested in when emailing a GOLD finish request.
The New 2023 D'Argenta items and Many Retired are Ready to Order. We Carry Every D'Argenta piece. Retired items are selling out quickly. We urge you to order soon

D'Argenta sculptures designed by these talented Artists: Ricardo del Rio - Pedro Ramirez V - Cristina Zamora - Claudio Rodriguez - Javier Arenas - Martin Mendoza - Manuel Alvarado - Federico Cardona - Ignacio Garibay - Bejamin Cortes - Enrique Jolly - Tere Memun - Frida Kahlo - Fernando Mendoza - Sima Abraham - Lisa Castillo - Oshra Michan - Riley Roca - Mario Zamora - Jose Luis Pinal - Raquel Steiner - Eduardo Buenrostro - Jocelyn

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