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Britto Disney 4049692 Daisy Duck Figurine
Britto Disney 4049692 Daisy Duck Figurine


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Britto Disney 4049692 Daisy Duck Figurine

Price: $90.99

  • Manufacturer: Britto Disney
  • Item#: 4049692
  • Item: Daisy Duck - Daisy Duck Figurine
  • Collection:
  • Made of:
  • Made in:
  • Size (inches): 8.5 x 3.2 x 4.5
  • Artist: Romero Britto Walt Disney Studios
  • Keywords: britto-disney-4049692-Daisy-Duck-Figurine
  • Category: Figurines
  • Long Description: britto-disney-4049692-Daisy-Duck-Figurine
  • Alternate Item#: britto-disney-4049692-Daisy-Duck-Figurine
  • Status: Special Order 1 Week
  • Special Order 1 Week

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