Zelda Wisdom 2021 Magnets for Sale

2021 Zelda Wisdom - We urge you to order ASAP - We are selling out very quickly.

Hurry! The Entire Zelda Wisdom line was discontinued by the Manufacturer.

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Zelda Wisdom 4848 Bulldog Broken Heart Magnet
  • Zelda Wisdom
  • Dog
  • Bulldog Broken Heart Magnet
  • 4848
  • H 2.25in
  • Retired 4 Left
  • Price $8.99
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The Retired Zelda Wisdom Items are Ready to Order. We urge you to order soon before they are all sold out. The Entire Zelda Wisdom line was discontinued by Manufacturer.

This Zelda Wisdom line was made by Westland Giftware. Westland Giftware closed their doors many years ago and are out of business.

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