Hoselton Studios 2020 Kangaroos for Sale

New 2020 Hoselton and Many Retired Ready to Order - Made in Canada

NEW - Ask US about Special Ordering your favorite pieces in Different COLORS

In Addition to Silver - Purple Blue Teal Green Yellow Orange Red Copper Gold Black White - We Ship Worldwide Daily

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Hoselton 2450 Kangaroo Large
  • Hoselton
  • Kangaroo
  • Kangaroo Large
  • 2450
  • 6.5 x 6
  • Special Order 2 Wks - NoFreeShipping
  • Price $125.99
Hoselton 2454 Kangaroo Small
  • Hoselton
  • Kangaroo
  • Kangaroo Small
  • 2454
  • 3.25 x 3.75
  • Special Order 2 Wks - NoFreeShipping
  • Price $40.99
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The New 2020 Hoselton items and Many Retired are Ready to Order. We Carry Every Hoselton piece. Retired items are selling out quickly. We urge you to order soon

Handmade Figurines Statues and Sculptures - Made by Hoselton Studios Canada. We are filling in the missing photos as they send them to us. If a photo is missing for an item you are interested in - please send us a message.

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