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New 2020 Harmony Kingdom Pieces and Many Retired are Ready to Order

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Harmony Kingdom TJRPMA Dom
  • Harmony Kingdom
  • Horse
  • Dom
  • H 1.75 L 1.5
  • Price $25.99
Harmony Kingdom CJPBFPO Tonie Cookie Jar
  • Harmony Kingdom
  • Horse
  • Tonie Cookie Jar
  • Price $25.49
Harmony Kingdom PXLEMA2 Best in Show
  • Harmony Kingdom
  • Horses
  • Best in Show
  • Price $35.99
Harmony Kingdom BAAMPO Prospero Bank
  • Harmony Kingdom
  • Horses
  • Prospero Bank
  • Retired 6 Left
  • Price $15.99
Harmony Kingdom PXLEMA Showboat
  • Harmony Kingdom
  • Horses
  • Showboat
  • Price $35.99
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The New 2020 Harmony Kingdom pieces and Many Retired are Ready to Order. The Retired pieces are selling out quickly. We urge you to order soon before they are all sold out.

Originally designed by Peter Calvesbert - Harmony Kingdom Figurines are crafted in crushed marble from a special age old formula pioneered in England. The sculptural eccentricities are used for diversion and display but sometimes they are studied and become repositories of knowledge and totems for storytelling.

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